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Arts education with an emphasis in architecture and design engages students in design thinking and artistic exploration. Analyzing and applying the elements of art and principles of design allows individuals of all levels to create with confidence.


Architecture and design education provides a platform for abstract and creative solutions combining mathematics, science, language arts, history, music and art. Through research and experiences, the students recognize the importance of sustainability, our natural resources and becoming responsible citizens


Experiences and lessons in architecture and design allow students to recognize and understand another’s point of view, enhance observation skills, deconstruct and analyze form and space, understand the impact of environmental conditions, articulate, collaborate, research, imagine, ideate and evaluate current trends and global conditions.


Design thinking discussions encourage engagement, communication, reflection, creative problem solving and a larger perspective on real world issues. Architecture and design lessons can be integrated in all core subjects.

Resources, references, design and development for Debra Sokolow's Architecture and Design Curriculum is based on the following:

Getty Discipline-Based Arts Education

Stanford  - Design Thinking

National Arts Education Association National Visual Arts Standards

California Visual Arts Standards K-12

Debra Sokolow's Architecture and Design Education Curriculum includes the following 

  1. The Elements and Principles in Architecture and Design

  2. The Analysis of Space

  3. Research and Studies in Design

  4. Observational Sketching and Drawing

  5. Technical Drawing: Perspective and Plan Drawing

  6. Experiential Art Projects

  7. 2-D Compositions and 3-D Study Models

  8. Reflection and Evaluation