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An Art and Design Education inspires creative explorers in all areas of life.

Arts Education is successful when it incorporates art history, art aesthetics, art criticism and art production.

Drawing is the most important skill necessary to achieve success in all art forms.

How and where can an arts education be applied in your current curriculum to enhance learners of all levels?
Drawing and arts education across the curriculum provide specific art lessons for fine arts, applied arts, design, sustainability, the environment, math, science and music. All the lessons encourage design thinking providing opportunities for exploration, discussions, creative problem solving and larger perspectives on world views. 

My arts education curriculum includes the following:

  • Art, Architecture and/or Design History

  • Vocabulary and Terminology

  • Analysis and Observation Skills

  • Abstract and Creative Problem Solving

  • Design Thinking and Discussions

  • Materials and Techniques and Application

  • Study Models and Studies

  • Indiviudal and Group Critiques

  • Final Compositions

Resources, references, design and development for Debra Sokolow's Art, Architecture and Design Education Curriculum is based on the following:

Getty Discipline-Based Arts Education

Stanford  - Design Thinking

National Arts Education Association National Visual Arts Standards

California Visual Arts Standards K-12

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