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Debra Sokolow is a native California artist, best known for her drawings and paintings. Whether drawing or painting at a site or in the studio, Sokolow finds inspiration from nature, humanity and the urban environment. Through the exploration of color, form and space her compositions evoke spirituality and the effects of light.


As an arts educator and instructor, she strives to inspire creativity. Her students encompass a wide range of ages and abilities. Sokolow teaches her students through the use of a variety of materials, while analyzing and translating objects into two- or three-dimensional form to create compositions or structures.


Sokolow’s perspective of art making and instruction is based on design elements and research in art and architectural history. One example is the commission to design and construct the Holy Ark Mosaic Wall in the Beit Midrash at a Los Angeles middle school.


Sokolow believes that art can heal and save lives. Her commitment to the arts is reflected in her active support of local arts initiatives and organizations that share her views that art builds community.

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