California Artist-In-Residence Grant

   Santa Rosa, California Arts Council

Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship


Jewish Educator Award

​​   Milken Family Foundation and Bureau of Jewish Education, Los Angeles.

Director of Architecture + Design Institute

   Milken Community Schools. Leadership & Curriculum Design, Development, Implementation.

   Teacher training and mentorship.



Mosaic Art Wall, Beit Midrash.

   Holy Ark Wall and Sacred Light, Nazarian Family Beit Midrash, Saperstein Middle School.      

   Stephen Wise Temple, Los Angeles

Mosaic Donor Wall, Tiferet Program.

   Outdoor amphitheater at Milken Community High School, Los Angeles

Flags and Banners: A Design Company.

   Permanent Interior and Exterior Commissions & Installations.1979-1993.

Summer Olympics,1984.

   Consultant to the City of Long Beach, working with the Los Angeles Olympic design plan and representatives.

   Custom Interior and Exterior Commissions of Flags and Banners. Site-plan and Installation for Long Beach and other venues.